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Start Your Day Right1=SUN7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Goleta Sunday Night Speaker1=SUN7:00PMzoomEvery week on Sun, until May 3, 2020
Hell of a Deal1=SUN11:00AMzoomID: 760185700 Open Meeting, Leader Shares then Tag Sharing (Alternating Between Men / Women), Last 10 Minutes are Reserved for Burning Desires.
Foundation Group1=SUN10:00AMzoomID: 846972616 Password: 021539
Sundowners Sunday1=SUN5:30PMzoomID: 943166525 Password: 359760 Open AA discussion meeting, all are welcome.
On Awakening1=SUN7:00AMzoomID: 819877365 Open meeting. Topic: Daily Reflections
Harbor Group1=SUN6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
The Loft1=SUN7:00PMzoomID: 462935825
Sunday Getting to Know You1=SUN8:00PMzoomID: 4842906119 Password: 021171 Open Online Big Book Study
LGBTQ and Friends1=SUN11:00AMzoomID: 832689945
Start Your Day Right2=MON7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
KCB Group2=MON5:30PMzoomID: 5588319454 Closed, Big Book Study
Just The Black Print2=MON6:30PMzoomID: 471577826 This is an open big book study meeting. Mondays at 6:30pm (open earlier for conversation/zoom help)
Stepping Stones2=MON6:30PMzoomID: 7161353494 Password: 921747 Closed Womens Meeting
First Things First2=MON7:30PMzoomID: 342372610 Password: 2468 Leader, Participation, Sobriety Milestones Recognition, Timer! Capacity: 100
On Awakening2=MON7:00AMzoomID: 819877365 Open meeting. Topic: Daily Reflections
Monday Noon at the Vets2=MON12:00PMzoomID: 491248946
Harbor Group2=MON6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
Goleta Noon Step Study2=MON12:10PMzoomID: 513362474 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
Surrendering Fear2=MON5:30PMzoomID: 608401191 Guided Meditation and Participation
Cambridge Group Online2=MON7:30PMzoomID: 370534026 Password: 858268 Closed discussion meeting
Sisters in Solutions2=MON12:00PMzoomID: 106947763 Closed womens meeting
Sundowners Monday2=MON5:30PMzoomID:638249566 Password: 261729 Open
Keeping it Real2=MON6:15PMzoomID: 421397820 Normaly held at Trinity Church
Start Your Day Right3=TUE7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Serenity Sisters3=TUE7:30PMzoomID: 857703033 Womens Meeting
KCB Group3=TUE7:30PMzoomID: 5588319454 Closed , Topic Discussion
Tuesday Night Mens Stag3=TUE7:30PMzoomID: 594228391 Closed Mens Stag Meeting, We Celebrate Chip Milestones & Birthdays, Leader Shares then Every Man Who Want's to Share Can Share - No Time Limit.
Key Group - Step Study3=TUE8:00PMzoomID: 629607236 Step Study
Tuesday Noon at the Vets3=TUE12:00PMzoomID: 127685986 Twelve x Twelve reading and discussion
Big Book Comes Alive3=TUE10:00AMzoomID: 119327901 Closed womens big book study
Harbor Group3=TUE6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
Questions and Answers Group3=TUE8:00PMzoomID: 6230372226 Format is Question and Answer. Password: 4151971
Goleta Noon Gratitude3=TUE12:10PMzoomID: 9057709015 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
Sundowners Tuesday3=TUE5:30PMzoomID: 5359530048 Open
Carpenteria Womens BB Study3=TUE5:30PMzoomID: 852500009 PW: 739477 Closed, Women Only , Big Book Study
Discussion Group3=TUE6:30PMzoomID: 461024678 Co-ed discussion group - closed meeting
Start Your Day Right4=WED7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Staying Alive4=WED12:10PMzoomID: 988597562 Closed Womens meeting, Step and Tradition Study
KCB Group4=WED5:30PMzoomID: 5588319454 Step Study
Its a Wonderful Life4=WED6:30PMzoomID: 726602710 Womens Book Study Meeting
Casa Serena Womens4=WED8:00PMzoomID: 164657898 This is women only participation meeting. We meet from 8-9 Wednesday evenings.
Wednesday Noon at the Vets4=WED12:00PMzoomID: 235032366
Conscious Contact Womans Meditation4=WED7:00PMzoomID: 920897995 Open womans meditation plus participation meeting
The Loft4=WED8:00PMzoomID: 515869355
Harbor Group4=WED6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
Goleta Noon As Bill Sees It4=WED12:10PMzoomID: 513362474 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
I Know4=WED7:00AMzoomID: 711671617 24 We read 24 Hours a Day, then everyone shares. Opens at 6:30 am for chat and tech supp.
Sisters in Solutions4=WED12:00PMzoomID: 106947763 Closed womens meeting
Sundowners Wednesday4=WED5:30PMzoomID: 131148244 Open
KCB Group5=THR6:00PMzoomID: 5588319454 Meditation Meeting
Start Your Day Right5=THR7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Summerland in Montecito5=THR7:30PMzoomID: 4114999111 Topic: Summerland AA Meeting
KCB Group5=THR7:30PMzoomID: 5588319454 "Daily Reflections"
Key Group5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 958712980
Thursday Noon at the Vets5=THR12:00PMzoomID: 568848009
Men Without Legs5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 224859532 Mens Open Discussion
Harbor Group5=THR6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
RG Hazard5=THR7:00PMzoomID: 957243840 Meeting opens at 6:50 for fellowship and tech support
Into Action Mens Stag5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 3327947937
Goleta Noon Briefly Big Book5=THR12:10PMzoomID: 513362474 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
Sundowners Thursday5=THR5:30PMzoomID: 533749783 Open Meeting
Properly Armed with Facts5=THR7:00PMzoomID: 204308303 Co-ed Big Book study -open meeting
Vision for You BB Study5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 4842906119 Open Big Book Study. Password: 021171
Here and Now Womens Meeting5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 113729556 Womens Closed Participation
Start Your Day Right6=FRI7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Sink or Swim6=FRI12:00PMzoomPassword: 279621 Noon Participation
Made a Decision6=FRI5:30PMzoomID: 865636181 3rd step meeting
Harbor Group6=FRI6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
ELMO Friday6=FRI8:00PMzoomID: 435859217
Goleta Noon Munch Bunch6=FRI12:10PMzoomID: 513362474 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
Sisters in Solutions6=FRI12:00PMzoomID: 106947763 Closed womens meeting
Sundowners Friday6=FRI5:30PMzoomID: 153238644 Open Meeting
Schooner Group6=FRI8:00PMzoomID: 165059433
Way of Life Speaker Meeting6=FRI8:00PMzoomID: 974688604 Friday Night Way of Life Speaker Meeting. This is a recurring meeting Fridays at 8PM
Key Group - As Bill Sees It7=SAT10:00AMzoomID: 526845787
Start Your Day Right7=SAT7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Keep it Simple Saturday7=SAT12:10PMzoomID: 855280971 Password: 855280971
Mustard Seed7=SAT7:00PMzoomID: 662830057
KCB Group7=SAT7:00PMzoomID: 5588319454 "As Bill Sees It"
Came to Believe7=SAT8:00PMzoomID: 7161353494 Password: 921747 Closed, mixed, participation meeting.
Opens 15 mins early for chatting and help with Zoom.
ELMO Saturday7=SAT8:00PMzoomID: 338419274 Password: 6101935
Harbor Group7=SAT6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
Home Boys7=SAT7:30AMzoomID: 913857588 Open Mens Stag Participation
Saturday Night Sobriety7=SAT8:00PMzoomID: 407191737 Password: 043263 Closed online meeting.
Sundowners Saturday7=SAT5:30PMzoomID: 765167845 Open Participation
Courage to Change7=SAT12:00PMzoomID: 918100276 Open Participation Meeting, 10th Step Book Study

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