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Start Your Day Right1=SUN7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Goleta Sunday Night Speaker1=SUN7:00PMzoomEvery week on Sun, until May 3, 2020
Hell of a Deal1=SUN11:00AMzoomID: 760185700 Open Meeting, Leader Shares then Tag Sharing (Alternating Between Men / Women), Last 10 Minutes are Reserved for Burning Desires.
Foundation Group1=SUN10:00AMzoomID: 846972616 Password: 021539
Sundowners Sunday1=SUN5:30PMzoomID: 943166525 Password: 359760 Open AA discussion meeting, all are welcome.
On Awakening1=SUN7:00AMzoomID: 819877365 Open meeting. Topic: Daily Reflections
Harbor Group1=SUN6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
The Loft1=SUN7:00PMzoomID: 462935825
Sunday Getting to Know You1=SUN8:00PMzoomID: 4842906119 Password: 021171 Open Online Big Book Study
LGBTQ and Friends1=SUN11:00AMzoomID: 832689945
Start Your Day Right2=MON7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
KCB Group2=MON5:30PMzoomID: 5588319454 Closed, Big Book Study
Just The Black Print2=MON6:30PMzoomID: 471577826 This is an open big book study meeting. Mondays at 6:30pm (open earlier for conversation/zoom help)
Stepping Stones2=MON6:30PMzoomID: 7161353494 Password: 921747 Closed Womens Meeting
First Things First2=MON7:30PMzoomID: 342372610 Password: 2468 Leader, Participation, Sobriety Milestones Recognition, Timer! Capacity: 100
On Awakening2=MON7:00AMzoomID: 819877365 Open meeting. Topic: Daily Reflections
Monday Noon at the Vets2=MON12:00PMzoomID: 491248946
Harbor Group2=MON6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
Goleta Noon Step Study2=MON12:10PMzoomID: 513362474 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
Surrendering Fear2=MON5:30PMzoomID: 608401191 Guided Meditation and Participation
Cambridge Group Online2=MON7:30PMzoomID: 370534026 Password: 858268 Closed discussion meeting
Sisters in Solutions2=MON12:00PMzoomID: 106947763 Closed womens meeting
Sundowners Monday2=MON5:30PMzoomID:638249566 Password: 261729 Open
Keeping it Real2=MON6:15PMzoomID: 421397820 Normaly held at Trinity Church
Start Your Day Right3=TUE7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Serenity Sisters3=TUE7:30PMzoomID: 857703033 Womens Meeting
KCB Group3=TUE7:30PMzoomID: 5588319454 Closed , Topic Discussion
Tuesday Night Mens Stag3=TUE7:30PMzoomID: 594228391 Closed Mens Stag Meeting, We Celebrate Chip Milestones & Birthdays, Leader Shares then Every Man Who Want's to Share Can Share - No Time Limit.
Key Group - Step Study3=TUE8:00PMzoomID: 629607236 Step Study
Tuesday Noon at the Vets3=TUE12:00PMzoomID: 127685986 Twelve x Twelve reading and discussion
Big Book Comes Alive3=TUE10:00AMzoomID: 119327901 Closed womens big book study
Harbor Group3=TUE6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
Questions and Answers Group3=TUE8:00PMzoomID: 6230372226 Format is Question and Answer. Password: 4151971
Goleta Noon Gratitude3=TUE12:10PMzoomID: 9057709015 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
Sundowners Tuesday3=TUE5:30PMzoomID: 5359530048 Open
Carpenteria Womens BB Study3=TUE5:30PMzoomID: 852500009 PW: 739477 Closed, Women Only , Big Book Study
Discussion Group3=TUE6:30PMzoomID: 461024678 Co-ed discussion group - closed meeting
Start Your Day Right4=WED7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Staying Alive4=WED12:10PMzoomID: 988597562 Closed Womens meeting, Step and Tradition Study
KCB Group4=WED5:30PMzoomID: 5588319454 Step Study
Its a Wonderful Life4=WED6:30PMzoomID: 726602710 Womens Book Study Meeting
Casa Serena Womens4=WED8:00PMzoomID: 164657898 This is women only participation meeting. We meet from 8-9 Wednesday evenings.
Wednesday Noon at the Vets4=WED12:00PMzoomID: 235032366
Conscious Contact Womans Meditation4=WED7:00PMzoomID: 920897995 Open womans meditation plus participation meeting
The Loft4=WED8:00PMzoomID: 515869355
Harbor Group4=WED6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
Goleta Noon As Bill Sees It4=WED12:10PMzoomID: 513362474 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
I Know4=WED7:00AMzoomID: 711671617 24 We read 24 Hours a Day, then everyone shares. Opens at 6:30 am for chat and tech supp.
Sisters in Solutions4=WED12:00PMzoomID: 106947763 Closed womens meeting
Sundowners Wednesday4=WED5:30PMzoomID: 131148244 Open
KCB Group5=THR6:00PMzoomID: 5588319454 Meditation Meeting
Start Your Day Right5=THR7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Summerland in Montecito5=THR7:30PMzoomID: 4114999111 Topic: Summerland AA Meeting
KCB Group5=THR7:30PMzoomID: 5588319454 "Daily Reflections"
Key Group5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 958712980
Thursday Noon at the Vets5=THR12:00PMzoomID: 568848009
Men Without Legs5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 224859532 Mens Open Discussion
Harbor Group5=THR6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
RG Hazard5=THR7:00PMzoomID: 957243840 Meeting opens at 6:50 for fellowship and tech support
Into Action Mens Stag5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 3327947937
Goleta Noon Briefly Big Book5=THR12:10PMzoomID: 513362474 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
Sundowners Thursday5=THR5:30PMzoomID: 533749783 Open Meeting
Properly Armed with Facts5=THR7:00PMzoomID: 204308303 Co-ed Big Book study -open meeting
Vision for You BB Study5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 4842906119 Open Big Book Study. Password: 021171
Here and Now Womens Meeting5=THR8:00PMzoomID: 113729556 Womens Closed Participation
Start Your Day Right6=FRI7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Sink or Swim6=FRI12:00PMzoomPassword: 279621 Noon Participation
Made a Decision6=FRI5:30PMzoomID: 865636181 3rd step meeting
Harbor Group6=FRI6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
ELMO Friday6=FRI8:00PMzoomID: 435859217
Goleta Noon Munch Bunch6=FRI12:10PMzoomID: 513362474 Password: 061035 Starts at 12:10PM
Sisters in Solutions6=FRI12:00PMzoomID: 106947763 Closed womens meeting
Sundowners Friday6=FRI5:30PMzoomID: 153238644 Open Meeting
Schooner Group6=FRI8:00PMzoomID: 165059433
Way of Life Speaker Meeting6=FRI8:00PMzoomID: 974688604 Friday Night Way of Life Speaker Meeting. This is a recurring meeting Fridays at 8PM
Key Group - As Bill Sees It7=SAT10:00AMzoomID: 526845787
Start Your Day Right7=SAT7:30AMzoomID: 634162817 Open discussion every morning at 7:30
Keep it Simple Saturday7=SAT12:10PMzoomID: 855280971 Password: 855280971
Mustard Seed7=SAT7:00PMzoomID: 662830057
KCB Group7=SAT7:00PMzoomID: 5588319454 "As Bill Sees It"
Came to Believe7=SAT8:00PMzoomID: 7161353494 Password: 921747 Closed, mixed, participation meeting.
Opens 15 mins early for chatting and help with Zoom.
ELMO Saturday7=SAT8:00PMzoomID: 338419274 Password: 6101935
Harbor Group7=SAT6:45AMzoomID: 626998069 Closed Participation Meeting
Home Boys7=SAT7:30AMzoomID: 913857588 Open Mens Stag Participation
Saturday Night Sobriety7=SAT8:00PMzoomID: 407191737 Password: 043263 Closed online meeting.
Sundowners Saturday7=SAT5:30PMzoomID: 765167845 Open Participation
Courage to Change7=SAT12:00PMzoomID: 918100276 Open Participation Meeting, 10th Step Book Study

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67 thoughts on “Online AA Meetings in the Santa Barbara Area”

  1. Foundation Group – Sunday 10am

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 846 972 616
    Password: 021539

    One tap mobile
    +16699006833,,846972616# US (San Jose)
    +13462487799,,846972616# US (Houston)

    Dial by your location
    +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
    +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
    +1 253 215 8782 US
    +1 301 715 8592 US
    +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
    +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
    Meeting ID: 846 972 616
    Find your local number:

  2. *** This is not a SB area meeting, but it was posted by Larry L who used to live in SB ***

    Perry Iowa Camel Shop meetings Sun, Wed, Fri 7pm Central time. Also, men’s group Sat morning 9:30 am Central time.
    “Perry Meeting” on ID 530 415 477. Please join us.

  3. Questions and Answers Group
    Tuesdays 8pm Online Open Meeting
    Meeting ID 6230372226. Password 4151971

    Format: Members have written questions about the steps, traditions or AA as a whole as they pertain to our sobriety. You can “chat” a question to be read in a private message to the secretary who will pass it anonymously to the leader to read. The leader reads these questions aloud. If you want to share on a question, please identify yourself and begin to share. Please note that anything you hear at this meeting is the opinion of each individual speaker and does not necessarily reflect the A. A. opinion, since no one person speaks for Alcoholics Anonymous.

  4. HOME BOYS Men’s Stag
    Meeting begins Saturday @ 8am
    Zoom Session is available to join @ 7:30 am on Saturdays

    Format: Open Men’s Stag Meeting – Leader shares then Tag Sharing for all who wish to participate.

    Note: Home Boy’s meetings typically go well beyond 1-hour to allow every participant the opportunity to share.

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 913 857 588

  5. Goleta Noon Meetings
    The Goleta Valley Community Center is closed.
    Some members continue to meet at the gazebo in front.
    Zoom Meeting info can be found below.

    All meetings start at 12:10pm.

    Monday (Noon Step Study):, ID: 513 362 474
    Tuesday (Gratitude):, ID: 905 770 9015
    Wednesday (As Bill Sees It):, ID: 513 362 474
    Thursday (Briefly Big Book):, ID: 513 362 474
    Friday (Munch Bunch):, ID: 513 362 474

    To dial in, call +1 669 900 9128 and enter the Meeting ID.


    Time: Wednesday morning @ 7 am
    Note: Meeting will be available to join @ 6:30 am for chat and Tech assistance.

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 711 671 617

    Format: Volunteer will read the current passage from “24 Hours a Day,” followed by share. Note: It is customary of this meeting to let each person share.

    To dial in, call: +1 253 215 8782 US or +1 301 715 8592 US

    Meeting ID: 711 671 617
    Find your local number:

  7. * This is an update for the previously posted Sisters in Solutions meetings. Please update with the info below for MWF meetings. *

    Sisters in Solutions
    Meetings previously held at the Goleta Valley Community Center MWF.

    Meetings are held Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 12:00-1:00 pm PST. Closed/Women/Participation.
    Join Zoom Meeting

  8. Updated info for Goleta Noon Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri online meetings (with password):

    Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri
    (NOTE: Tues meeting has different meeting ID.)

    Topic: Goleta Noon Mtgs – Zoom
    Time: 12:10 PM – 1:10 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
    Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 513 362 474
    Password: 061035

    One tap mobile: +16699009128,,513362474# US (San Jose)

    Dial-In: +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

  9. Admin please REPLACE Monday Sundowner post with:

    Monday Night Sundowner
    Monday 5:30pm

    Meeting ID 638-249-566
    Password 261729

    original post had my personal meeting id – need to remove please

  10. This is an update

    Tuesday Gratitutde at GVCC (12:10-1:10) now has a meeting password. The information is below.

    Michael D. is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: GVCC Tuesday Gratitude
    Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 905 770 9015
    Password: 061035

    One tap mobile
    +16468769923,,9057709015# US (New York)
    +13126266799,,9057709015# US (Chicago)

    Dial by your location
    +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
    +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
    +1 301 715 8592 US
    +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
    +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
    +1 253 215 8782 US
    Meeting ID: 905 770 9015
    Find your local number:

  11. Hello,
    MONDAY 7:30pm
    First Things First Zoom meeting
    CORRECT Meeting ID : 342-372-610
    CORRECT Password: 2468

    SB Central Office please correct it on the meeting info,
    Thank you!

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