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IMPORTANT: Only use this form if you need to update a meeting!

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INSTRUCTIONS: To update your meeting(s), please post the details in the form below.

Here’s some additional info that we should know, if you haven’t already provided it:

  • Is the meeting open or closed?
  • Is it a stag meeting?
  • Language? We’ll assume English if you don’t specify.
  • Location? Where was this meeting held, pre-lockdown? If you don’t specify, we’ll assume it’s a Santa Barbara meeting.

Our volunteers will make every effort to post meeting updates promptly, however, please allow up to 24-hours before re-posting an update .

We will email you after updating your meeting (your post will not show up here). Until our system is fully automated, we recommend double-checking the updates to catch any “human” errors.

Thanks for helping us keep the Santa Barbara Online Meeting Directory updated and accurate!

Here’s a video on how to find your zoom meeting’s link:

3 thoughts on “Update Your Zoom Meeting”

  1. Hi Taylor, it’s Alice.
    Please change the zoom Wednesday night Casa Serena meeting to read the same as the in-person meeting. It is hybrid, CLOSED and is at 7:30p.m. The name is “Women’s Serenity Group” .
    The secretary’s name is Carol Bond-Barney and her contact info is 805-450-9375, carolbondbarney@yahoo.com.
    Thank you for your continued support and service my friend.

  2. Hello Taylor.
    Could you please remove the Wednesday women’s, Conscious Contact meeting (7:00-8:00pm) from the Zoom meeting list? They are in-person only now. I’ve taken care of that.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Taylor:
    Please change the ID and password for the Thursday, 7:30pm, Summerland in Montecito meeting.

    ID – 721 2644 5974
    PW – 93108

    Thanks for helping us keep the boat afloat.
    Alice 🙂

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