Intergroup Committee District 23 (IGR)

IGR Committee Meetings will temporarily be held on Zoom at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month:

What is Intergroup?

The Santa Barbara Intergroup is a committee of volunteers made up of representatives from A.A. groups all over the Southern Santa Barbara County, aka the 23rd District. Intergroup encourages mutual support and cooperation between area A.A. Groups. It provides information and services for all groups that would be too much for the individual groups to handle by themselves. They also provide input on the operations of Central Office and how it serves the Groups/Meetings in our District.

Central Office Does & Provides

  • Distribute literature
  • Maintains local meeting schedules
  • A.A. Hotline and 12 Step Calls
  • Act as a liaison among A.A. Groups
  • Information center for the general public
  • Create and support service committees such as: H&I, GSR and Area Assembly
  • Performs community services such as: Public Information and education, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Cooperation with Treatment Facilities, Cooperation with Correctional Facilities, Youth Outreach taking panels of recovering young people to speak at the local Junior highs and High Schools.
  • Provide assistance, such as Computers, Copiers and Paper, for Job Search and School enrollment
  • Provides a safe and sober place to take a break, speak to sober alcoholics or just relax and eat lunch.
  • Sponsor special functions for all groups: Summer Picnic, etc.

Who Runs Intergroup?

A Steering Committee supervises IGR & Central Office, which is run by a paid staff and volunteers. The Steering Committee is made up of A chairperson, co-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and Steering Committee members at large. The Steering Committee is elected by the IGR’s to act as officers of Intergroup. They handle normal day-today business at the Central Office which, by the way, is only a branch of Intergroup. The groups, as represented by their IGR’s, have the ultimate responsibility.

Who Can Become an IGR?

Each area AA group selects an IGR and an alternate. The IGR and alternate should be active members of the group. It is suggested they have at least one year of continuous sobriety, however, we believe that each Group should decide who their representative is. The term is one year.

What Does an IGR Have to Do?

IGR’s represent their groups at the monthly Intergroup Committee meetings held the second Tuesday of every month. They report to their groups about the work of Intergroup, any social functions being hosted by other groups in the district and of any volunteers needed to perform service work or fill positions. They take issues back to the groups for discussion and return the following month with the group conscience at the next committee meeting. The also participate in the nomination and election of the Steering Committee Officers. Finally, they will help the new IGR become accustomed to the job.

How and When Does an IGR report back to their Group?

IGR’s should be reporting to their daily or weekly meetings immediately following the monthly IGR Meeting, generally there is time sensitive information that should be shared right away. For Groups that have several meetings per-week, the group may need an Alternate IGR so that each meeting will be properly informed of the events at the IGR monthly meeting. It is recommended that any item that requires a vote by IGR be discussed at the Groups monthly business meeting or take a Group Conscience, it is not appropriate to only share at the business meeting. IGR’s report to the entire membership, they are the thread that keeps all our groups and meetings connected and unified.

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