Get on the Rocket Ship to SWACYPAA

“We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.”

-BB, p25

We’ve got a rocket ship full of Santa Barbara members of Alcoholics Anonymous heading to SWACYPAA VI in Tucson, Arizona from July 26th to July 29th.

SBYPAA (Santa Barbara Young People in AA) will be bidding at this year’s conference to bring 2019’s Southwestern Area Conference to Santa Barbara, and the help and support of our fellow alcoholics would be welcomed and appreciated.

Curious about SWACYPAA and what a Six-State AA Conference looks like?

Want to explore some new and exciting ways to be of service in AA as we fulfill our primary purpose?

Hungry for a new experience on your journey in recovery?

Ask any SBYPAA Board Member for more information, or just come check things out at SBYPAA’s next Board meeting on Thursday, July 5th at 6pm at our Intergroup Central Office.

All are welcome: the young, the young at heart, and those with room to grow.

And, we have a bus! Come get on it!

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