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New Meeting: Lucid Interval’s Positive Genius

“A.A. is not a plan for recovery that can be finished and done with. It is a way of life, and the challenge contained in its principles is great enough to keep any human being striving for as long as he lives.

We do not, cannot, outgrow this plan. As arrested alcoholics, we must have a program for living that allows for limitless expansion. Keeping one foot in front of the other is essential for maintaining our arrestment. Others may idle in a retrogressive groove without too much danger, but retrogression can spell death for us.”

-BB, p275

Idling or regressing within a retrogressive groove?
Struggling with arresting an alcoholic way of thinking?
Seeking a different way of living?
Ready to be challenged?

Put one foot in front of the other and walk through the door of Lucid Interval’s Positive Genius AA Meeting and get moving on your very own limitless expansion.

Every Friday night at 10:00 pm at the Santa Barbara Alano Club’s upstairs room.